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Twas’ the Night Before FGB

Well, all I can say is HOLY COW, our FallOut CrossFit Community ROCKS!!!! Way to pull through in the final hours. Every time I checked our team stats today, we just kept climbing higher and higher. The stats as they stand right now….there are 1,051 affiliates participating, we are currently ranked 82nd. Our team donations are sitting at $6,200 and I know for a fact there are quite a few donations that people have that were not done online, so those have yet to be added in to the total. AMAZING, all of you. Big thanks Keith Flanigan, our honorary member of Team FallOut CrossFit. Keith is in the US Air Force, stationed in Afghanistan, and has collected an impressive amount in donations from overseas.



For time, complete couplet for 400m (well, I think it ended up being 200m….it was one of those sneaky, sneaky WODS)
5 deadlifts (185/135, 135/95, 95/65)
10 steps forward with bar in hang position


For time, complete your choice of:
100 KB swings
100 burpees
100 pull ups
*every 20 reps, sprint 100 m

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no Saturday 9:00 am WOD on September 17th. See you at 2:00 pm for FIGHT GONE BAD at Ranch and Home.

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