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The Final Push

As of tonight, FallOut CrossFit is ranked in the top 100…..92nd to be exact!!! We are sitting at a little over $4,100. There are only 300 affiliates over the $1,000 mark. Way to go FOCF! Special huge props to Chris Lucas and family for the generous donation. We are proud to support Special Operations Wounded Warriors, Camp Patriot, and Infant Swim Rescue. Post, post, post, email, email, email, ask, ask, ask…for donations. Let’s show our community what we’re made of at FallOut! Remember if you are collecting checks, they need to be made out to ‘Sportsgrants’ and cash cannot be sent in the mail (so either turn it into a check or put it on your FGB donation site electronically). 3-2-1 GO FGB!!!!!


Every 90 seconds, for 12 rounds:
5 push presses (75/55, 65/45, <45/35)
10 Double Unders (Rx, 3 x SU, 2 x SU)
15 squats









snatch 70% 3 x 4, 50% 5 x 3 on the minute
C & J 70% 4 x 4, on the minute
front squat 70% 3 x 4, on the minute

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