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What an awesome opportunity FOCF has been given this weekend! Our weekly am WOD will be held on Saturday at 8:00 am (NOT 9:00 am, like usual) at the McDougal boat marina. Lance Mamiya, a fellow FOCFitter has extended an invitation to us to experience outrigger canoe paddling. Lance has tons of experience racing outriggers and our WOD will incorporate paddling on the water as well as elements on the land. NO PADDLING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!! Please note that this WOD will replace our weekly 9:00 am WOD, but it is still free!!! Nervous, a little anxious? Don’t be! Remember, crossfit is all about going outside your comfort zone and trying new things!)

The details:

When-Saturday, September 10th at 8:00 am

Where-McDougal’s boat marina (head east on Columbia Park Trail past the gym, turn left into McDougal’s boat launch)

What to bring-water tbottle, swim attire (swimming not required, but we’re always prepared for the unkown, right?!)

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