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Are you learning new things?

August is half way over, and with that, we have gotten to experience the new classes that FallOut CrossFit has added-CrossFit Endurance, Olympic Lifting, and SEALWOD. We hope you have enjoyed these classes! Remember, you should always be striving to learn something new so if you haven’t tried out one of these classes, don’t hesitate, you need to join on in-everything we do can be scaled! Check out the MindBody Scheduler to see when these classes are offered (and please, try to sign in prior to the class!).

Monday, August 22nd at 6:30pm will be the first time a Yoga class is offered at FOCF. Are you in???? See the post from August 8th for specifics!

All good things must come to an end (goodbye summer)….For those of you that were able to take advantage of the 9:30 am class (Tues/Thurs), 8/18 was the final class. Thanks to those who were able to attend, lots of good times were had!

6-12 x 375m row (hold w/in 2-3 sec)
1:1 rest/work

Back squat 80% x 3 x 5
Snatch DL 100% (of snatch) x 3 x 3
Push Press 75% x 5 x 5

800 m run
30 KB swings
5 pull ups
400 m run
20 KB swings
10 pull ups
200 m run
10 KB swings
15 pull ups

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