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MedBall Cleans

I could hear the groans of MedBalls Cleans as I was writing the WOD on the board this morning. Not because the workout will be any harder physically then any other workout, but because it’s MedBall Cleans. Medball cleans are the equivalent to trying to solve a rubix cube for many people, except you can’t take the stickers off  to put them in the right order and tell yourself you solved the puzzle. This is a movement that takes practice and for many can take a while to become proficient at. But with practice your nervous system will learn the correct muscle recruitment pattern and it will become easier. Medball cleans are great for teaching people how the body can move around an object to get that object off the ground and up high. This movement pattern will help the athlete transition into cleaning a larger object such as a loaded barbell. And for experienced CrossFitters it’s a great movement to run you into the ground from a conditioning stand point. Here is Greg Glassman, THE COACH, along with Nicole Carroll demonstrating proper form, Listen & Learn! Those of you that came today learned through repetition, lots of repetition!


WOD: Wednesday


  • Med ball practice
  • 400m run


  • Partner 1 holds plank
  • Partner 2 does med ball cleans III: 20/14 II: 14/10 I: 10/6
  • -enforce switch when partner in plank breaks form.
  • -stop when partners accumulate 200 med ball cleans
  • -if 3 man team when rotating, take the lower # of cleans & switch again when the first person breaks plank

WOD: 7/13/11

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