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Consistency Gets Results

The weather has yet to show up, but, they keep telling me that it is summer time here in the Tri-cities. A lot of people use the new year to set goals, but it’s just as important to reevaluate your goals in the middle of the year. How are you doing with those goals? It’s time to get serious on your training and commit to being consistent. The workouts are great, but the key is to make sure you don’t miss any. It is time to evaluate your routine, critique your past efforts and create a new training schedule. This month FallOut CrossFit would like to offer that extra drive, in the form of the “Perfect Attendance Award” to motivate you to push the envelope in your workout schedules.  We say that routine is the enemy in the workouts themselves, but the key to any success may it be in training, work, or personal lives is to find a healthy routine allows us to carry out our goals.

This is for all membership types, Basic, Bronze, Silver & Gold, we want you to stick with your program for the entire month of August! We want to see every member for every single workout of yours and we are hoping this will be the trigger to get you back on your routine.

We at FOCF will be tracking your attendance from Monday, August 1st to Wednesday, August 31st. Of those that make that commitment and succeed in attending each week the days you are now contracted for, you will be entered into a drawing and 3 people  will be rewarded with a FREE month (unlimited members must attend 4 days a week for the challenge). So, make the commitment now, stick to it and never give up!

The Drop In Rate for members will only be $12 during the month of August (Cash only).

In addition to this we want to offer every student of FOCF an UPGRADE to the UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP for the week of August 22nd through the 26th.
Whatever your goals may be, this is the week to kick it into high gear.  Embrace this opportunity to step up your routine and experience what the next step in your programming can be. This will offer you as students the opportunity to not only increase your training schedule but to test your body’s ability to handle an increased training volume. This is a great opportunity to experience more workouts and rise to the next level of training.  The coaches at FallOut CrossFit are here to help you evaluate your goals and suggest a weekly routine that corresponds.

For all your workouts through August excluding UNLIMITED week. Please use MindBody Online to schedule your workouts.

As a benefit we will be programming specific workouts for specific days of the week. Each workout focusing on a specific aspect of CrossFit; endurance, olympic lifting, strength, & SEALFIT. More details on this to be released. They will be scheduled in the MindBody website.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or one of the FOCF coaches.

WOD: Thursday

  • 4 Rounds
  • 400 m Run
  • 30 yard Shuttle Run (set three cones up 5 yards apart start at middle cone, start and end at middle cone)
  • Rest 3 Minutes btwn rounds

WOD: Friday

  • WU: 50 GHD situps
  • “Christine” – 3 rounds
  • 500m row
  • 12 BW Deadlifts
  • 24 Box Jumps

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