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Snack Time

This is a REAL wild bannana. Looks different uh?

Ever wonder why snack look so appealing? It’s really not your fault, the people who make this stuff are inside your head. They know what makes you tick and what makes you want to grab that box of Oreos over a tray of celery and almond butter. I know some of you have looked at this site, but if you haven’t  take some time to check out this article from Gnolls.com– Why Snack Food Is Addictive: The Grand Unified Theory of Snack Appeal. They also discuss the idea that is, the supernormal stimulus of taste. It’s an interesting read, and knowledge is power!

The Perfect Snack!

  • It would be made of cheap ingredients, allowing a high profit margin.
    Since our government heavily subsidizes industrial grain production, you’d make them of grains and grain products…corn, wheat, and soy. Mostly corn, because it’s so heavily overproduced that we’re forced, by law, to feed it to our cars!
  • It would be shelf-stable and require no preparation, so that it could be kept without refrigeration, taken anywhere, and eaten at any time.
    Therefore, you’d make it out of highly-processed ingredients that are shelf-stable, pump it full of preservatives so that it could survive for months in a vending machine, and enclose it in lots of disposable packaging so it wouldn’t get damaged in transit.
  • It would concentrate the tastes we’ve evolved to enjoy far beyond their natural amounts,and as much as our technology allows.
    This would be the supernormal stimuli of fatty, salty, umami, and sweet: MSG, crystalline sugar, seed oils, fruit juices, “natural and artificial flavors”.
  • Finally, it would not be satiating.
    No matter how much you ate, you would never be satisfied.

Just some snacks for thought!

WOD: Wednesday

400m farmers walk

5 Rounds each for time beginning every 5 minutes of:

  • 400M Run
  • 15 Hang Power Cleans III: 135/95 II: 115/75 I: 95/55

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