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It’s Hot in Here

The weather is getting warmer and we are heading out side more now. But this added heat also makes our workouts a little harder. The body will only let you push so much before telling you to back off subconsciously to avoid over heating. This is a good mechanism and keeps us alive, but sometime it’s can be a little to sensitive. And so that you don’t end up like our friend up in the picture, a simple “It’s not that hot” thought in your head can actually help you push a little harder and make it seem cooler. Check out this article in Men’s Health. To help stay cool here are some additional tips from Men’s Health:

1. Check the prior days heat index – If it was hot yesterday there’s a good chance your dehydrated today and your risk for heat stroke is higher

2. Drink cold water – regardless of what you heard from your friend about drinking room temp water. Athletes who drink cold water can work harder and longer then their room temp water drinking counterparts.

3.  Calculate your sweat rate. Gauge your body’s hourly sweat rate by weighing yourself before and after an hour workout (1 pint of sweat = 1 pound lost). Only replace as much as you loose don’t over hydrate. You can cause hyponatremia, a life threatening state.

4. Get some moisture wicking t-shirts – like Under Armour. They have the added benefit of being more sun blocking as well.

5. Pre-cool your body before a long event.  The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest is a good choice but $$$($180). Sit in your car A/C full blast or take a cold shower or dip in the water prior to your event.

WOD: Tuesday


  • 3 rounds
  • 400m Run
  • 21 KBS
  • 12 Pullups
  • III: 53/35
  • II: 35/20, bands
  • I: 20/12.5, bands/rr

WOD: Wednesday

  • Squat Clean Ladder
  • Start at predetermined weight. You have 20 sec to do 1 Squat Clean, 10 seconds to rest, each lift add 10# to your bar until you can’t do the lift, continue at highest successful weight for SC until 10 min.
  • III: 135/95
  • II: 115/75
  • I: 95/45

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