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Great New Video

NorCal Strength and Conditioning is a gym owned by former CrossFit Nutrition Seminar instructor Robb Wolf, author of the new york times best seller “The Paleo Solution”. Check out their new commercial for their gym! Who wants to produce ours? Who wants to be in ours? Don’t raise your hands all at once!


WOD: Thursday

OHS form work, 400m run, 50 OHS PVC


  • 5 rounds
    • 400m
    • 15 OHS
  • III: 95/65
  • II: 75/45
  • I: 55/35

WOD: Friday

200m run 10 Push Ups
400m run 10 Burpees
800m run 10 Squats

For Time:
30 Rep Back Squat 195/135

III: 195/135
II: 155/95
I: < 115/65

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