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Food and the Brain

Come join us at the Convention Center June 24th @ 6:30 to learn how our relationship with food is controlled. David Kessler, MD served as commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. He is a pediatrician and has been dean of the medical schools at Yale and the University of California, San Francisco.

“Well, there’s no question that awareness is the first step. But once you understand that your brain is being activated,  how do you cool off the stimulus? That’s the great challenge. The second step is to develop private rules for yourself. I know if I start eating french fries, I’m going to finish all of them. I just know that. So it’s easier for me to just have a rule not to eat them. But the rule has to be unambiguous. It can’t be “I’d really like those, but I’ll deny myself today.” That kind of rule won’t work, because that only increases anxiety. A rule needs to be a rule you can believe in, and you want to follow. Another important thing is to create a plan: know what you’re going to eat, when you’re going to eat it, and eat with a certain structure, so you’re not grabbing food constantly throughout the day. Structure is probably one of the greatest ways to create boundaries around your eating.” – Dr. Kessler


WOD: Monday

WU: 400m 21KBS & 12 pullups

WOD: 8 rounds

  • 5 Deadlifts III: 185/135 II: 155/115 I: 115/75
  • 10 Walking OH Lunges III: 45/25 II: 35/15 I: 15/X
  • 5 HSPU (scale as needed)

WOD: 6/13/11

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