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FallOut Youth Program

Rockin' Pushups during 80's night!

FOCF will be hosting a strength & conditioning camp for Jr. and Sr. High student athletes to help prepare them for the 2011-2012 sports year. This will be a 5 week program offered 2 days per week and will begin on Tuesday July 12th and go until August 11th. Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-11:30.   Each athlete will learn the movements necessary to perform the workouts during the first instructional session. This class is expected to last two hours, with subsequent weekday sessions lasting one hour.

During the 5 weeks, your student athlete will show improvement in the following areas, regardless of his or her sport(s) of choice, fully dependent upon their attendance and dedication:

* Cardio-vascular/Respiratory Endurance
* Stamina
* Strength
* Flexibility
* Speed
* Power
* Coordination
* Accuracy
* Agility
* Balance

This is a co-ed boot camp, and will be scaled for age, ability and injury if necessary. Any athlete, at any level of fitness experience, is encouraged to attend. We understand the need to be cautious with growing children, and will be very cautious with those athletes going through growth spurts and the like. Athletes will be stronger and faster, but in most cases, leaner than when they arrived.

Your athlete will receive some limited “classroom” time devoted to the science behind fitness and the body, as well as instruction on “performance-based” nutrition. There will be an opening fitness assessment and a closing fitness assessment to accurately measure your athlete’s performance gains over the 5 weeks. Athletes will be asked to maintain a “nutrition journal” to log everything that passes their lips during the camp. We will highlight areas of improvement in their diets and give them healthy, “performance enhancing” food choices they can (and should) incorporate into their diets.

Your athletes will all leave camp as in the best shape they have been after a summer vacation and will blow their coaches away when practice season starts. Our ultimate hope is that this camp will be a small part of your athlete’s choice to stay active, eat right, and live a long, healthy life as a result.

The cost of the boot-camp is $100.00 per athlete. All athletes will receive a camp T-shirt and a certificate of completion at the end of the camp. The balance is due in full 1 week (7/5/11) prior to the start of camp.

For more information, or to sign up, please feel free to contact Ben Larkin directly by using the information below. Registration begins now, and will continue until July 8th. Please use the “NO OBLIGATION” statement of intent form to let us know if you are even remotely interested, so we can begin to plan accordingly.

Hope to see you soon! 3…..2….1…. GO!

NO OBLIGATION STATEMENT OF INTENT (please email the following information to [email protected] or [email protected])

Athlete Name(s) ________________________


Parents Name _________________________

2011/12 Grade ________________________

Sports _______________________________

Contact Email _________________________

Contact Phone ________________________

Or call us at 509-735-0340

WOD: Wednesday

WU: 500m row, 200 Double Unders


  • 1 mile run
  • 30 Wall Balls
  • 30 Burpees
  • 30 KB Swings

WOD: 6/15/11

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