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Sitting Can Be Lethal

Don’t just take my word for! Read this article from the NY Time – Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?, by JAMES VLAHOS. Even just the one hour at the gym can’t reverse the 8 hours of sitting you do at your job all day. Dr. Levine, a researcher at theMayo Clinic says, “[sitting] is a lethal activity.” So people focus so much on the things that they do after work to stay in shape. Maybe just as big a part of the solution is what we do at work. As a pharmacist, I stand all day long constantly moving. While some days I wish I had a chair to sit in. There are others, when I do have a chair to sit in because we are slow, that I wish it were busier because my back hurts from sitting. Try talking your boss into a standing workstation, for you life’s sake.

WOD: Monday

Baseline + JYD

  • 12 minute AMRAP:
    • 5 CTB Pull ups
    • 10 Wallball Shots
    • 15 KBS
  • III: 20/14 & 53/35
  • II: 14/10 & 35/20
  • I: 10/6 & 20/12.5

WOD: Tuesday

JYD – tabata squats

  • 2 x 2k row
  • Rest and repeat

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