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Gluten Free Marshmallows

At work there are always treats, and if you can imagine I don’t joy in on the Campfire fun! So most of the day at work you can find me munchin’ on some carrots, tomatoes, celery stick, eggs, hamburger, paleo stuff. And yes Gluten Free. One of my technicians who’s name I will leave anonymous was trying to be nice and found me some “Gluten Free” marshmallows, and you would of thought she had found gold. Sorry to burst your bubble but just because it says GF doesn’t mean it’s healthy. In fact the first three ingredients were; Corn syrup, sugar, glucose, and probably another kind of sugar. Caution needs to be used when shopping, don’t fall for the organic gluten free sugar. It’s still SUGAR!

WOD: Wednesday

JYD + (row 500m & run 400m for time)


Tabata Box Jumps & Tabata Thrusters
No break in between (20” box for everyone)

III: 95/65 II: 75/45 I: 55/35

WOD Thursday:

JYD + 5 min bottom of squat hold

WOD:3 rounds

  • 3 Rounds
    • 21 Box Jumps III:24/20 II: 20 I: 20 step ups ok
    • 15 KB Swings III: 53/35 II: 35/20 I: 20/12.5
    • 9 Sumo-deadlift High-pull III: 95/65 II: 75/55 I: 45/35

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