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Too Much Stretching

I don’t think that’s the problem with most CrossFitters. Most of us could probably use more of it. I’ve said this before though that typical “static” stretching can decrease power output. CrossFit = Intensity = Power. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stretch. Flexibility limits many CrossFitters range of motion in some lifts such as, overhead squats, front squats, thrusters, air squats, etc! But some people stretch too much. Yogis around the world may argue this, but read one ladies experience. “Is Too Much Stretching Bad for You? One Yogini’s Story from Floppy to Fit” Muscles that are overstretched can develop “micro-tears” in the fascia. When you begin to overstretch the muscles also become vulnerable to injury, because it’s the fascia that is there to cushion and protect the muscle.

“Stretchaholic” Signs: From Jill Miller

1) My hamstrings ached all the time … they were overstretched daily beyond their limit. Practicing always seemed to make them feel better, as the heat warmed them up and dulled the micro-tear pain signals.

2) I felt dull sciatic-related pain down the back of my left leg almost every day, caused by overstretching the sciatic nerve.

3) My shoulders constantly clicked and popped, and I was constantly cracking my neck … true signs of unstable joints.

4) At age 25, I could not straighten my knees in the morning. Upon waking, I would roll out of bed and by the time I “made it” to the kitchen, my knees would crowbar themselves back open to “normal.” A sure sign of overstretched ligaments!

WOD: Thursday

WU: JYD + 100 OH squats w/pvc

WOD:  21-15-9

  • Dead lift: III: 225/135 II: 185/95 I: <155/65
  • OHS: III: 135/95 II: 95/55 I: <65/35

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