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The time has finally arrived. I know many of you didn’t think that you would compete, but I know that many of you can. This is a great opportunity to showcase your skills that you have gained over you short CF career. Regardless of whether or not you will qualify or come in 1st place, this is what makes CF fun, the competition with yourself and others. This is a chance to see yourself on a global stage! In a venue that can rank you amongst other CrossFitters around the world. The games website is set up to allow you to comment on other athletes performance. This is going to allow people around the world to communicate with individuals of a similar caliber and develop new relationships with fellow CrossFitters. You could become CF pen pals with someone across the globe! I hope that more of you sign up and join the competition. This will inspire you to improve and compete in future CF event to come. Everything you need is already inside you, now it’s time to see what you can do with it!

Check it out here to register! Once registered be sure to request to join Team FallOut CrossFit by finding our team on the webpage and requesting to be added. Then once you get your judge scored tonight, sign back in to the Games Website and enter your own score, indicate that you completed the WOD at FallOut CrossFit. We will validate you score and you will be ranked!


WOD: Friday Games Event #1

  • 10 min amrap
  • 30 Double Unders
  • 15 Ground to Overhead (power clean/clean&jerk)
    • Level III:
      • Men: 75lbs Women: 55lbs
      • Masters men:
        • 45-55yo – 75lbs
        • 55+yo – 65lbs
      • Masters women:
        • 45-55yo – 65lbs
        • 55+yo – 45lbs
    • Level II: DU attempts 65/45
    • Level I: 2x single unders 55/35

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