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Jackie Challenge Finals

The day that you all had been training for came faster then you maybe were expecting. Did you prepare yourself? Did you get as good of results as you were expecting or did you maybe do worse? What was different this time? If you did the Burpee madness workout on Friday that was probably quite the difference. Lots of things go into the preparation before the workout. It could be the food you ate the weekend before, or your water intake also. Some people’s range of motion has increased over the past 3 months, and with that your thrusters were most likely deeper and therefor you did more work. You could of just been in a better mood at the baseline time. No body likes failing and most people don’t aim to fail, most want to reach the top and will work hard to get there. But failing knocks us down for a brief moment and has the amazing ability to cause of to zone in on the prize! If you did better, amazing job, keep it up. But if you fell down, get back up and dust yourself off. There are plenty of other opportunities to succeed!

WOD: “Jackie”

  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters
  • 30 pullups
    • * Advanced: 45# Thrusters & Rx pull-ups
    • * Intermediate: 35# Thrusters & asst band pull-ups (must use same band in finals)
    • * Beginner: 18# thrusters & jumping pull-ups


  • Most Improved
  1. Janet Wilson
  2. Jo Krone
  • Fastest Time
  1. Tammy Smith


  • Most Improved
  1. Kelly Reeves
  2. Ken Idler
  • Fastest Time
  1. Joey Sanchez

Tuesday WOD:

WU: JYD + 50 KBS


  • 3 rounds – 1 minute max reps
    • Med Ball Clean 20/14 14/10 10/6
    • Db Push Press 35/20 20/12.5 12.5/7.5
    • Box Jumps 20”
  • 1 minute rest

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