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Games Open Event #1

After all the anticipation of the 1st WOD release at 5:00pm PDT we got to wait until this morning to finally hear what the workout was going to be. But all that aside I’m am happy with the workout selection. A little skill is needed with both of these movements, but easy enough for the beginner CrossFitter and hard enough to kick any firebreathers arse! I can think of many of you FOCFers that can do this workout Rx’d and this Friday I want to see everyone that can, to do it! And then register online, pay your $10 and join the FallOut CrossFit Team. The workouts undoubtedly will get harder and heavier, but it’s not about how you place overall it’s the process of competition that will make this fun. Getting to see yourself on the Games website and you will have a WORLD ranking! If you can’t complete every workout over the 6 weeks as prescribed, don’t worry, we will still run the workouts with scaled versions for all to compete. But I will be disappointed if some of you don’t sign up for this! Athlete’s that are currently registered are: Joey, Ben, Lisa, Tammy, Jesse, Jo, & I can think of plenty more that should be on this list! Below is the standards for the workout. Be warned that reps that you think count during your WODs, will not count unless done to the games standard. The CrossFit standard must be up held by the community that cares for the CrossFit way of life. Think of ourselves as the CrossFit gatekeeper for what we have worked so hard to grow and preserve. This can be ruined by those that take this opportunity for greatness for granted. Get excited people, this first CrossFit Games Open has begun! Should be a great CrossFit season!


WOD: Tuesday

JYD + 100 mountain climbers

WOD: 2 reps x 10 sets of Front squat 50-60% max rep 1 min rest between sets after 10th set run 1 mile for time

So I heard there was a little bit of rain last night! Didn’t get any of this in Pasco but from the looks of it the 7:30 class took one for the team! Way to go!



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