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Be Vulnerable

Are you aware of the TED conference, or the smaller regional TEDx conferences? This video is by a women, Brene Brown, who in particular, is an expert and a researcher on shame, vulnerability, and empathy. Vulnerability is our culture is seen majorly as a weakness, something to avoid. But in the context of CrossFit, and the rest of our lives, is it possible to improve and/or grow without allowing yourself to become vulnerable. Lack of vulnerability leads to a feeling of perfectionism. What would there be to train for if we were all perfect. No one is, and I think most of us know this, but what else could come from our training  if were a little more vulnerable. This video is kind of long but can put things in perspective.


WOD: Thursday

WU: JYD – 25 burpees

WOD: Tabata DL & box jumps 20” for all levels

  • III: 155/115
  • II: 135/95
  • I: 95/65

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