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Ah The “Kip”

Those not new to CrossFit think they know the “Kip”. And people who look at CrossFit with an evil eye view the kip (the quotes were getting old) as cheating. But really when you stop and think about it, it’s the difference between walking and running. One just gets you to the finish line quicker. Let’s talk about he kip a bit. Some CFers like to show you how big their kip is by contorting themselves into positions that make my vertebrae cringe. Looks something like this back and forth… > & <. Their back’s folded in two with a violent hip thrust somewhere in the middle there. A pullup is a upper body movement and should stay an upper body movement. We want to initiate the pullup with the upper body (shoulder, & lats) and control it with the upper body. Any lower body movements will create more for your upper body to have to control through out the swing. A long and straight lower body, with a good hollow body position will allow your lower body to carry more speed and momentum. Watch the video “Kipping Pull-Ups with Jeff Tucker” – By Jeff Tucker with Jeannie Bassi for a very explanation. Sign up for the CrossFit Journal to watch!


WOD: Thursday

WU:  800m run, & Work on Pistols


  • 400 Run
  • 30 OHS
  • 21 Pull ups
  • III: 75/45
  • II: 55/35
  • I: 45/18

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