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What is CrossFit?

Welcome to FOCF!

I hope that some of you visiting today had a chance to meet me and the rest of the staff today at the Tri-Cities Health and Fitness Expo at the Convention Center today in Kennewick. For those of you that are just finding out what CrossFit is, Congratulations! You have been introduced to the BEST way to improve your fitness and become part of the fastest growing fitness community there is. A little history about CrossFit first, it was started by a man named Greg Glassman “Coach” and the idea is simple. CrossFit is Functional Fitness done at a High Intensity and Constantly Varied. These movements are scalable to all ability levels, and so is the intensity. The adaptations are the same for everyone. We want to elicit a physiological response that is going to give us the best outcome. We want to get you in the best shape of your life.  The CrossFit definition of fitness comes from three operational models: the balance in CrossFit’s 10 general physical skills (Cardio/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, & Balance), the hopper model of random physical challenges, and the balance of the three metabolic pathways (phosphagen, glycolytic, & oxadative). These ideas give way to an idea that fitness is “work capacity measured across broad time and modal domains”, and that indeed is fitness and is CrossFit. CrossFit is the application of the fundamentals of Newtonian mechanics to human movement, something else that is kind of unique for us. Power = Work/Time – How much can you do and how fast can you do it? This is CrossFit. It’s a quantifiable approach to a finally well-defined notion of what fitness is. But CrossFit is more than just a gym, we are a community of like minded people focused on becoming our best and we cheer for our friends who are also members here. If you miss your workouts from the week expect to get an email from our coaches and the other members who all want you to be here. Our members make our gym what it is today, a family!

FOCF Creed

  1. Do not think you can master CrossFit or achieve Elite Fitness in a day. It will take an entire lifetime to learn. JUST SHOW UP. Be consistent even when you don’t feel time is the key.

  2. Virtuosity is performing the common uncommonly well. Master your body and the mechanics of movement. Practice the fundamentals then add speed & intensity.

  3. I will promise to do my best. My best may vary from day to day, from hour to hour, from minute to minute but in that minute I will do the very best I can. I have integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is looking.

  4. I will run. If I have to walk I will walk. If I am forced to crawl, I will crawl. And when I finish, I rest and live to face another day.

  5. I fear no man, but I fear the WOD. If I don’t fear the WOD it isn’t hard enough.

  6. I may puke, I may cry, but I will NEVER quit.

  7. I never cheat. Cheaters have no place in this gym. There is no honor in cheating. I count my reps and add more if there is any question in my mind. What joy can there be in a victory I did not earn.

  8. Be a human first and a CrossFitter second. Treat people like you wish to be treated. Be polite, cheer for everyone. Break down their bar not their morale. No gossiping, reduce the drama in life instead of adding to it.

  9. Check your ego at the door. Have the courage, humility & curiosity to ask questions and for help. Be willing to be a student and a coach. Be willing to listen and share with others and have respect for those who came before you.

  10. So…be afraid and face your fears! Be Inspired! Be Honest! Be Strong! Be Weak! Be Angry! Be Humble! Be Passionate! Be ALIVE! Be FOCF!


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