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Normally I try to make the posts inspirational, motivational, something that makes you want to come in and work out hard. Some posts are meant to make you think about life, maybe bring a tear to your eye. This post is not one of those posts 🙂 The picture above I’m sure will never happen in the gym, because if it does there will be even more Penalty Burpees, and if that’s not enough motivation I will find something that will ensure weights are put in their proper place.There are even pictures that tell you which weights go where. I know everyone is tired after the workouts, but please put the weights away correctly. Stack them neatly and fit them underneath. The gym to many of us is a second home, lets keep it in order. If you came in and worked out last night (your name is listed on the whiteboard below), you owe 50 Burpees. Do them before you arrive at the gym today, or by the end of the day today. Honor system is in effect here. You wont have time to do them before the workout at the gym, and wont want to do them after the workout. Do them at work in the middle of a meeting if you have too. And if someone asks why you are doing them, you can tell them because Coach Ben said 🙂

WOD: Tuesday + Burpees


21-15-9 Barbell thrusters & situps


3 rounds
200 M Farmers Walk (10 burpees every time you drop KB)
25 sit ups
25 Double Unders

III: 55/35
II: 35/20
I: 20/12.5


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