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Aisle Not..


What would you do if there were no grocery stores? Could you sustain yourself and your family for a whole year? One woman did and says she wont ever go back to the way it was. We talk a lot about healthy lifestyles, eating right, sleeping, recovery. Because these are important to those who want to live active and healthy lives. A good place to start is buy shopping the perimeter of the grocery stores. Buy things that don’t have boxes, that are fresh and require more then 5 minutes to prepare and ask you to dump a bag of cancer powder foods together to make a solid. One year ago, Carla Crownover stopped doing what we all do and went out in search for alternatives to the box stores. Her food didn’t have SKUs and was direct from the farm. We have a unique opportunity here in the Tri-cities in that we have great access to fresh produce through out most of the year. So has the weather starts to warm up I encourage people to seek out other alternatives to the grocery store. Read Carla’s story here.


WU: 100 Lunges


5 rounds

  • 12 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • 21 Squats
    • III:95/65
    • II: 65/45
    • I: 45/35

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