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So CrossFit for the most part is a solo sport. Your success is determined by your ability to stay focus on your diet/nutrition & your WODs/recovery. We offer guidance on the diet & nutrition, and supply the kick in the pants for the WODs, and then offer knowledge to make sure you can take care of yourself physically (foam rolling, mwod, sleep, etc.) to come back and do it again the next time. And the thing I love most about FallOut is the camaraderie that all of our athlete have. Cheering each other on to the finish because we all know what it feels like to be in the middle of a workout. But for some you think, “Great! That’s just what I want/need, a extra little push from someone on the side lines who is just watching telling me to go faster (don’t they know I’m pushing as hard as I can!)”. But what if that person is someone that is doing the WOD right next to you and is relying on your to finish strong to complete the workout, or maybe they don’t get to stop working until you are done with your task. Do you think you could push a little harder if someone else was relying on you? This is what we will find out the next couple days. Teamwork is a essential part to completing as task be it in CrossFit or in life. We are taking this to heart for the next few days as we welcome out guests that you bring to share just what FOCF is all about. Welcome to Guest days! Thanks Team FOCF!

WOD: Thursday

  • Partner Sit-ups
  • Squats – 100 each partner
  • Wall Balls – 100 each partner
  • Box Jumps (alternating)
    • Level III: 400 sit-ups
    • Level II: 300 sit-ups
    • Level I: 200 sit-ups

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