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Paleo Seminar

So now that you have sat through a couple grueling hours of the science behind that paleo diet, WTF chuck! I don’t remember all that stuff, and even so why does Ben?! Because I’m a nerd, simply put. But how am I suppose to do THIIIIISSSSS! You may not say it out loud like that but in your head you are cursing me I know it. People think this stuff is so hard. I really don’t understand it. You have food that is good for you and food that is bad for you. But the vast majority of us go for the bad stuff, simply because it tastes good and is quick and easy. In a world full of enough stress (cortisol) you insult yourself everyday by eating food that worsens an already bad situation. Most of us worry about the future to no end, money, jobs, bills, mortgage, debt collectors…$$$ etc. But when it comes to your health, “eh! I feel good”. And there is no second thought to the future of your health. All that other stuff is just that stuff, it comes and goes. You’ll get through it. You only get your health once, and very rarely when it goes to you get it back. BUT, for those of you who still think it’s hard to eat real food, paleo, here’s a great article by the author of everydaypaleo.com, “What does eating Paleo REALLY Mean?? And a recipe….”. Any confusion still?


WOD: Thursday

Warm up: Agility ladder drills, deadlift form work


  • 150 Double Unders
    • 9 Deadlifts
  • 100 Double Unders
    • 6 Deadlifts
  • 50 Double Unders
    • 3 Deadlifts
  • III: 315/185
  • II: 245/135 3x single unders
  • I: <135/95 2x single unders

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