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Navy Seals

While we may not be them nor aspire to be them we can learn from them. Navy Seal training takes 30 months to complete before they are ready. So what makes us think that we can take the easy road and complete our training in “x” amount of months. This is a not a 90 days to a beach body, this is a continuous strengthening of yourself and our FOCF community. The Seals training focuses on teamwork, no one left behind. I am reminded of a guy that was just working out with us while on leave. He had finished his workout before some of the others & instead of grabbing his water bottle, taking a breather & talking with the others who were finished, he went back out on the run to keep motivating those who hadn’t yet finished. No one left behind!

This support and encouragement from your teammates is often exactly what you need to find the drive to continue. When other people who are going through exactly the same trials that you are give you this support, you will find that you are able to achieve nearly any goal. In return, you will give this same support back and as a whole, your entire [FallOut CrossFit] team will grow much stronger. – US Navy SEALS Blog

Now time for another Teammate WOD

WOD: Friday


Partner Up – Each partner must do 100 squats, while one works the other holds DB at side, farmer’s carry style. Can only squats while DB are off ground.

  • III: 55/35
  • II:35/20 level
  • I: N/A

WOD: 4 rounds with partner – must run together, one person does max burpees, one thrusters, switch on next round

  • 400m Run
  • Max attempt at BURPEES
  • III: 95/65
  • II: 75/45
  • I: 45/35


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