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Jackie Challenge

WOW!! We had a great turn out tonight, better then any other challenge to date. Everyone deserves a high five for that! Why do we do challenges here at FOCF? Well….remember when you used to go to those other gyms? How boring was that!?! Especially if you didn’t have anything that you were training for. So now that you are working out at FallOut CrossFit things are more exciting. It’s fun to workout again! If any of you know me, I use the word “fun” loosely when talking about high intensity workouts. But let’s raise the fun-ness level up a notch. Lets give everyone something to train for, a goal to reach. Doing these challenges as a group helps everyone to succeed at the same time. Develops a great camaraderie in the gym,  we now all have a common goal to reach for. I hear people say, I don’t want to sign up because I’m not going to win. What kind of attitude is that?! You’ve already failed. Not only have you failed yourself, you have failed the person next to you. By signing up and participating in our challenges, you not only are investing in your own success, you are supporting your fellow FOCFers as they try to reach there goals. We are all in this together!

Now that you are part of the Jackie Challenge – Let’s have this kind of attitude!



WOD: Wednesday

  • “Jackie” Challenge
    • * 1000m row
    • * 50 Thrusters
    • * 30 Pullups
  • * Advanced: 45# Thrusters & Rx pull-ups
  • * Intermediate: 35# Thrusters & asst band pull-ups (must use same band in finals)
  • * Beginner: 18# thrusters & jumping pull-ups


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