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You vs…?

Couldn’t of said it any better myself. It’s you vs you! It’s not about the person next to you during the workout. It’s about what are you going to do about yours. Are you going to take that extra breath or that next sip of water or are you going to push through and see what you are really made of. Give it all you got everyday even if it means you’re in last place. Because you’ll regret it afterwards if you don’t. “I could of done better” –  Don’t let those words come out of you. Remember correct form is the only way to maximize intensity, don’t cheat yourself either.


WOD: Wednesday


800m run

Hollow Rocks Max 3 min



  • 21-15-19
  • Kettle bell swing
  • Burpee
  • Double under
  • III: 53/35
  • II: 35/20, 3x SUs
  • I: 20/12.5, mod burpees, 2x single unders

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