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Success…You already have it!

What is it? Who defines it? I’m going to get a little sappy with this post. Nothing outside of you defines success. You define your own success. If you have something you want to achieve then only you are in control of reaching that success. And if you can put everything you have into it then eventually you will find away to that goal or you will die trying. No not everyone can become president, because there can only be one. But you definitely wont give yourself a chance of being successful unless you try. Success is defined inside by you and only you. If you are happy with what you have set out for yourself in life, then you are successful. What is something that you want to achieve that today you can’t or haven’t been able too? It doesn’t have to be related to CrossFit. Share your thoughts!


WOD: Friday


  • 800m run then
  • Strict Pull Up(no kipping)
    • – for those with bands go down a band or work on negatives


  • 4 Rounds for time
    • 75 Double Unders
    • 20 Ring Dips

III: Rx W- 10 RD M- 20 RD

II: 3x single unders / m – rack dips w – negatives on racks (no bands)

I: 2x single unders / bands rack dips

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