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Jackie Challenge

Here the skinny on the “Jackie” Challenge on 12/1.


Challenge Prelims: Wednesday, December 1st – All Classes
Challenge Finals: TBA 9 weeks to train
Entry Fee: $25
Prize Purse: $25 x number of participants
Prize Categories: Most Improved, Fastest Times Men & Women’s divisions

How the Challenge Works
1. GET REGISTERED –The sign-up sheet is located on the upcoming events board @ FOCF. Fee is $25 and will be bill to your account.
2. Challenge Prelims – Wednesday December 1st. Set your preliminary “Jackie” time. This will be the time from which we calculate your improvement.
3. TRAIN – CrossFit for 9 weeks with the intention of improving your “Jackie” time.
4. SHOW UP for the FINALS – TBA @ FOCF. Join your fellow CrossFitters in an event intended to blow you away as everybody attempts to set a new PR!

1. Most Overall Improvement – # of participants will determine how deep this pool will go. Atleast half of the overall pot will go towards this category
2. Fastest times – Better be quick to win this category. Prizes awarded to #1 & #2 only

– You must choose the category you are going to compete in and STAY in that category for the finals
– Rankings for IMPROVEMENT:
o There will be one master list ranking participants on percentage improvement.
o This list is NOT categorized. Your category has no bearing on where you finish on this list.
o For example, if you compete in the intermediate category, and you have the highest percentage of overall improvement, you will be ranked #1.
– Rankings for TIME:
o There will be one master list ranking participants based on time
o Your TIME rank will be based on your performance within your category.
o Categories will be listed in the order Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner. This means that all Advanced category finishers will be ranked above ALL the Intermediate category finishers, who will be ranked above ALL Beginner category finishers.
o For example, if you compete in the intermediate category, the best ranking you can have is one below the lowest in the advanced category. So if there are 6 people in the advanced category, your ranking, if you are the fastest intermediate, is #7 overall


“Jackie” Challenge

  • 1000m row
  • 50 Thrusters
  • 30 Pullups
  • Advanced: 45# Thrusters & Rx pull-ups
  • Intermediate: 35# Thrusters & asst band pull-ups (must use same band in finals)
  • Beginner: 18# thrusters & jumping pullups

Mobility Mondays

From now on we are going to use Mondays as a day to mobilize you. Have difficulty with overhead squats or presses? Is it difficult to get yourself into a front squat rack? Do you have a muscle that you just can’t seem to get rolled out? These are your days to show up! We will work on one area of interest every Monday with the new mobility balls that we have available in the gym. For some more great ideas on how to mobilize yourself on other days of the week. Check out the Mobility Project at Mobility WOD website.

WOD: Monday

WU: 3 rounds 400m run 30 squats

Mobility warm up 100 over head touches with lacrosse balls in mid thoracic

Use single ball to roll out tough spots

WOD: 21-15-9 of each couplet then rest etc.

  • Overhead Squat/Lateral Burpee III: 95/75 II: 75/55 I: 45/35
    • Rest 2 min
  • Pull ups/pushups III: rx II: bands m-toes w-knees I:bands & knees
    • Rest 2 min
  • Squats/Wall balls III: 20/14 II:14/10 I 10/6

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