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Guest days

Hope everyone is driving safe in this snow! If you come to the gym please be careful driving home. Watch out for the other guys on the road. The temps are dropping fast this week. Please be aware and always have warm clothes in your car. There are no WODs programmed for outside. You’re Welcome 🙂

It’s that time again. Be a LEADER and MOTIVATE during this Holiday season! It is the perfect time to really show your friends and family what FOCF is about! Have you been wanting to show off your new found skills and fitness to ALL of your friends and family?!?  The FallOut CrossFit family will open it’s doors to the Tri-cities December 9, 10 & 11 for ANY of our Class times. Please sign up at the gym on the EVENTS board when posted.


December 9th 10th & 11th all class times


Guest Days is YOUR opportunity to invite family and friends to join you in a CrossFit class. This is a great opportunity to share some quality sweat time together. All workouts will be scaled to fit the needs of our guests, so they need not be intimidated. This is also a great chance for those who may be interested in joining but are unsure of what CrossFit is all about.


All are welcome Athletes may bring up to 1 guests per day. We are getting to big to allow the free for all Open Gym Weeks now 🙂 Please sign up you and your guest and the days/class times you will be attending on the EVENTS whiteboard when posted.


1.  You bring a friend to class.  You are their ambassador to fitness!  It is your job to help your friends out – show them all that you know and have learned at FallOut CrossFit – help them warm-up, show them how to do the movements. The Coaches will of course be there to help out as well. But you are trying to show them what you have learned!

2.  Classes will be larger than normal these days. WorkOut will be GROUP/PARTNER WorkOuts. You will NOT be able to do them solo.

3.  Please be ON TIME, or better yet, EARLY, so that we can get started on time.

4.  You are welcome to bring somebody to class all 3 days – there is no limit.  Again we do ask that you only bring 1 person at a time.

WOD: Tuesday


  • 2 min max effort burpees
  • 2 min max effort sit ups
  • Burgener Warm up

WOD: 3 rounds of entire sequence

  • 4 Squat clean & jerks
  • row 300m
  • 3 squat clean & jerks

Rest 3 minutes.


  • 4 squat snatches
  • row 300m
  • 3 squat snatches

Rest 3 minutes


III: 155/115 & 115/75

II: 135/95 & 95/55

I: <105/65 & 65/35

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