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Bison Meat

One of our members, Michele, has some great access to some Bison meat.

If you are interested in ordering some here are the details.

Bison Meat Purchase

Did you know Bison meat is only 2.42 grams of fat, compared to Beef choice at 10.15 grams, Beef select is at 8.09 grams, Chicken is also up to 7.41 grams of fat!

One of my brothers has given up the stress and headaches of business life and decided to work on his Hobby–Bison Ranching.  You can read about my brother’s story, learn about bison meat nutrition, bison facts, how they raise their bison completely natural and see a gallery of pictures of their ranch.

Visit their website @ windypointbison.com

I will be picking up bison for my family of 4 during the weekend of November 12th -14th. You could have bison meat to serve during your Holiday festivities.  Being raised all natural; Bison can be prepared as you do with any other meat product; except there is no grease fat to drain.

I NEED YOUR ORDER BY: Friday NOV. 5th (just to be safe)



round bison 

(1)lb. packages

$6.00 each


_______(1)LB. packages


_______   x $6.00 =


________ $ total

Bison Roast 



________ roast


_______   x  $6.00 =


________$ total

Bison Stew meat 

(1)LB. package

$6.00 LB. package


_______ (1)LB. package


_______   x $6.00 =


________ $ total

Rib Eye Steak 

2 pieces of steak in a

(1)LB. package

$9.00 LB. package

Steaks have 2pieces = 

_______  (1)LB. package


_______ x $9.00 =


________$ total

New York Steak 

2 pieces of steak in a

(1)LB. package

$12.00 LB. package

Steaks have 2 pieces= 

_______ (1)LB. package


_______ x$12.00 =


_______ $ total

Tenderloin Steak 

2 pieces of steak in a

(1)LB. package


Steaks have 2 pieces = 

______ (1)LB. packages


______ x $15.00 =


______ $ total

Jerky .> (1)LB. package 



______ (1)LB. package


______ x $8.00 =


______ $ total


Paid by:


Payable to: 

Janelle Phillips



Cash ______


Total $________

Email us if interested in ordering at [email protected]

WOD: Tuesday


WU: Tabata Superman/ & Hollow Hold


  • 400m run
    • 2 min max effort squat/ pushups /sit up (of each)
  • 800m run
    • 2 min max effort box jump/ Handstand push up  / lunge (of each)
  • 1 mile run

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