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What Should I Eat?

Everyday we ask ourselves this question and everyday it gets harder and harder to come up with an easy answer. We are bombarded with quick meal ideas to meet our busy lifestyle, 2 min microwave meals for the family. When did it become okay to make a meal for your family in the microwave? There was once a time when cooking was seen as enjoying. It’s an art some say. And it should be done with a bit of care. Food is what keeps us ticking, along with that other thing oxygen. But I want my clocking ticking on time, not just limping along with some boxed hamburger lasagna mess. The best way to stay healthy is too cook. And cook with the best ingredients. There is a local place to find good wholesome food from local farmers, bakers (maybe not paleo approved), & ranchers right here from the mid-columbia. Order your food by Wednesday and orders are ready to be picked up here in Richland on Friday. For more information visit Shop the Northwest.com. And for some good recipes ideas look at this new link in the New York Times, they have all sorts of recipes and ideas for a specific food group or a eating theme. Not all recipes are FallOut approved but are far better then the microwaved options.

WOD: Monday


500m Row, Front squat skill work pvc


  • Front Squat Ladder
  • (1 the 1st min, 2 the 2nd, 3 the 3rd all the way to 20 min) If you can’t hit the number needed in that minute, that is your score. Then drop and do  5x burpees a minute till the 20 min is over.
  • Level III: 95/65
  • Level II: 75/45
  • Level I: 45/35


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