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Run on E

CrossFit pushes you past your perceived limits. At FallOut CrossFit we will have you do more then you think you can do. And you will do it. Why? Because you can. Just when you think you have nothing left in the tank, there is one more round to complete, more pullups, more thrusters to do in this case. What determines when you have nothing left? CrossFit will help train your mind to push beyond when you think you need to stop. The key is “think” you need to stop.  You only get one chance at this life to get the most out of it. How bad do you want it? Go out at get it everyday!

WOD: Friday

WU: 1 mile run

WOD: “Double Fran”

21-15-9 x 2

  • Thrusters
  • Pullups
    • III: 95/65
    • II: 75/45
    • I: 55/35

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