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For most people that are coming into the gym this is really foreign to them. It’s new and scary and everyday it’s something new to be intimidated by. Some of the lifts are really complex. Take the clean for example: Start in dead lift position, keep core tight, lift up to jumping spot, extend hips all the way, shrug (make sure bar is close to body), then you’ve got to move underneath the bar, quick elbows, weight back on heels, good neutral spine, etc. You get the idea, so what are you suppose to think about before you lift. K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple stupid, you can’t possibly process all of that information in the middle of the lift. Think about 1 or 2 things that are going to make or break the lift. And practice as much as possible when you can with lighter weight (PVC/Bar) to train your mind. Practice makes perfect? No but it will make you better, there’s always room for improvement! Here it from some of the best below:


WOD: Thursday

WU: Warm those hips up! Stretch jog, jump rope.

WOD: 400 meter Walking lunge (weighted if you so choose)

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