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BPA 1 vs Sperm 0

Okay so you are trying to be healthier so you are drinking more water. But did you know that the materials in those water bottle may actually be effecting your health? New study shows that BPA can lower sperm counts. BPA, also know as bisphenol-A, is an agent used to make resins and strengthen plastics and is found in many consumer products. BPA is used in the production of hard plastic bottles, metal food container linings, dental sealants and eyeglasses. BPA can be measured in urine samples of most Americans. This is getting more and more press as Canada has recently added BPA to it’s list of toxic substances. BPA has been known to have bad effects in animal studies and is even more troubling that it has now been shown to have human effects also. More studies will be needed to see if it has other effects on the body as well. While BPA exposure is not generally seen to be as high as noted by the participants in the study, it is still important to know the dangers of BPA to you. The FDA is currently working with the National Institute of Health to determine if it will follow suite with Canada.  If you are going to use plastic bottles look for bottle the specifically say they are BPA free, or use metal containers.

WOD: Thursday

WU: 4×400 run 30sec rests btwn rds

Snatch balance form work with PVC


18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds for time of:

  • Snatch Balance
  • Pull Ups


  • Level III – 95/65
  • Level II – 65/45 bands
  • Level I – <45/35 bands/ring rows

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