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A CrossFitter, a Marathoner & a Triathlete

We have all been somewhere and had to explain and or defend why we CrossFit. What is it? Why would you want to workout like that? Some times the person asking you this is indulging in platter of chili cheese fries and telling you they will just burn it off at the gym tomorrow. Or it’s from someone who only excels in one type of working out, whether it’s weightlifting or endurance events. I prefer to be good in a large array of physical skills and attributes. And to surround myself with people who are like minded and want to better their fitness and their health. Be able to lift heavy and run far. Not be isolated to only one area of fitness. CrossFit gives people an avenue to excel is every field of fitness and to work on our areas that are lacking and improve as an overall athlete. CrossFit isn’t gaining traction because it’s the latest fad, like Tae-Bo or P90X. It’s been around for a while, with the first box opening in 1995 & now it is getting the attention of people on Wall St. As there was an article from Forbes magazine publised just after this last years CrossFit Games. We are a group of small and big gyms a like who’s collective focus is on being our best. People are training  worldwide to better themselves. Where, for some it’s to become healthier, and in some cases avoid an early grave and for others they are out to gain the title of “The Fitness on Earth”. CrossFit will continue to grow because of the close nit community and because it’s real people becoming amazing athletes and doing things they never thought possible. So the next time you are asked why your CrossFit, what will you say?

This little excerpt from the CrossFit Journal explains one conversation that you could have in a bar if you ever where in this situation. Again another reason why we don’t repeat workouts very often!

A CrossFitter, an endurance runner and a triathlete sat in a bar drinking and telling stories about the hardest workout they’d ever done—the one they never wanted to do again. The endurance runner started. “Endurance running is the toughest sport there is. For oneworkout, I ran a hundred miles through the desert with only a bottle of water. Twice, I was bitten by rattlesnake and had to suck the poison out of my own leg before continuing my run. That’s the workout I never want to repeat.” The triathlete wasn’t impressed. “That’s nothing. I once did a double Ironman workout—a five-mile swim, 250-mile bike and two marathons. It took two days and I lost one of my testicles when it snapped off during the second half of the bike ride. I never, ever want to have a workout like that again.” They both turned to the CrossFitter, who had remained silent the entire time. “So,” asked the endurance runner, “if you had to choose, what CrossFit workout is so painful, so difficult that you never, ever want to do it again?” The CrossFitter considered this for a second. “Pretty much all of them,” she answered.

WOD: Wednesday

WU: 5 min of Bear crawl/Sampson Stretch/Inch Worm

3 rounds of Max effort push up 1 min rest & 1 round max Handstand hold


7 rounds

  • 3 – Power Clean
  • 5 – Box Jump
  • 7 – Pull Ups C2B
  • Level III: 155/115
  • Level II: 135/95
  • Level I: <95/75


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