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Really? Food Matters!?

You know the old saying, “You are what you eat”? Well now a days this really is true. Next time you go to the grocery store look at what you are putting in your cart. Then look at what other people are putting in their carts. Notice something? When you go to the store you get to CHOOSE what you put in your cart. Nabisco, Coke, General Mills, & others don’t throw their products into your cart, you have to pick them off the shelves. What do those people look like? Are they healthy looking? Today’s medicine is designed on what can we do to fix the problems that our diet is causing. There are a large percentage of the population that are beginning to believe that diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and other western diseases are just part of the normal. That we are living longer and that that’s why we get them. Throw their hands up and say, “Well at least their is a pill for it, I’ll take a #3 with a large chocolate shake..” And why not? It’s way easier to take a pill to fix the problem, and avoid the pain of preparing a meal. Because my insurance pays for it and I only have a $5 copay. This type of quick fix thinking is going to be a very big problem later. People need to take ownership of what they put in their mouths. You have all the answers to be healthy, we always have. Eat what you are suppose to eat, eat whole foods. Foods that came from the ground, not from fancy foil wrapper. Be a good example for others at the grocery store, because people do look to see what others put in their carts!



WOD: Thursday

WU: 2K Row


  • 21-15-9
  • KB swing
  • Pull up
  • Jumping Squat
  • III: 70/53
  • II: 53/35
  • I: 35/20

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