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Heavy Isn’t Always the Answer

Scaling…We have predetermined scales here at FOCF, which makes it easy for people to make a decision on the weights they are using for each WOD and gives you some flexibility in your decisions. But have you ever come in and maybe done too much? Or been coerced into doing too much. I’ll admit as coaches we all want you to succeed but sometimes our eyes are bigger then your muscles, and like wise your eyes are too large alos. It happens, and when it does you look at the clock when you are finished and go, “WHAT! 25min!?” When everyone else finished in 10min. Been there done that! So what is the meat and bones for CrossFit? POWER, and power equals work/time. Work in the amount of weight you move over a distance (i.e. thruster) and the faster you do thrusters the more powerful it is. It’s always a cat and mouse game, but our job is to get the largest power output because that’s what gets you the good stuff! “Zatsiorsky posits that maximal power output occurs at approximately 30% of maximal velocity and 50% of maximal load.” Scaling is not just for grandma guys and gals, you don’t get athletic by just being able to lift heavy things, you get athletic by lifting heavy things very fast. Be more than strong, be powerful. A good article from the guys at Again Faster talk about just this topic, in Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power by Jon Gilson. Read the comments section too there some great debates throughout.

WOD: Tuesday


10 Push Ups
Sprint/run to street
10 Squats
6 Rounds


  • 3 rounds
  • 30 wallballs
  • 30 Squat Snatch
  • Level III: 20/14 & 75/55
  • Level II: 14/10 & 55/35
  • Level I: 10/6 & 35/18

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