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CrossFit / USA Weightlifting Open

The first ever CrossFit USA weighlifting event started today in Colorado Spring tomorrow. Catch some live action of the events at live.crossfit.com. This is great leap for the sport of CrossFit. Taking the #1 strength and conditioning program and combining it with one of the oldest Olympic sports in the world. The Crossfit / USA Weightlifting Open will feature athletes competing in three disciplines: the Olympic-style snatch and clean & jerk as well as a third CrossFit event called the Triplet. The Triplet will be as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of six squat cleans (55kg men / 30kg women), 12 pull-ups and 24 double unders.  The neat thing about this event is that it is based on weight classes, 7 womens & 8 mens. The event runs through the weekend, so make sure to catch a glimpse of it if you can.

WOD: Wednesday

WU: hip warm up & 4x 400m run each 400m run getting faster (ie 50% 1st run and up to 85% run on last 400m)


  • 21-15-9
    • Front squats
    • Box step ups (with weight in front squat rack)
    • Thrusters
  • Level III: 95/65
  • Level II: 75/45
  • Level I: 45/35

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