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Chris Spealler with his classic headphones

So does music really affect how well you do in a workout? When you work out how many of you actually are thinking about what song is playing? If you are working hard enough you probably don’t even here the music. But you all sure know when the music stops or when a commercial comes on because I have yet to pay the ridiculously low fee for Pandora (getting to that tomorrow, maybe). Generally the noise of you body, because we are machines, drowns out the music as you rip through your WOD and run like the wind. But some research does show that music helps athletes perform better. Music set at a higher beat increases heart rate and subsequently blood flow to the muscles and athletes show a greater power output. But their perceived effort was also increased. Go figure! But the catch is that this was for athletes doing a moderate level of activity. For athletes that were going all out music had little impact on their efforts. While music may not help us work harder it sure beats listening to the guy next to grunting while he’s working out. So until more convincing research comes out we’ll keep the music playing at FOCF. Read this NY Times article for more information – “Phys Ed: Does Music Make You Exercise Harder?”

WOD: Wednesday

  • 6 rounds
    • 6 Cleans
    • Run to street and back (150m)

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