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Your Very Best

As coaches it is our job to try and get the best out of you. Personal trainers point at a machine and tell you to go do 3 sets of 10 or lets run 30 min on the treadmill. Coaches make you do things that you wouldn’t normally think you could do, we make you do the impossible. But it doesn’t just start and stop with your coach, ultimately you decide how hard you are going to try, how hard you are going to push yourself, you must always give your very best. There will be days that will not be as much as others and somedays where you’ll amaze yourself. But the point is that you must never waste a day in the gym, you must always come in with the attitude that you left it all on the floor when you leave at the end of class.


WOD: Tuesday

  • 5 rounds of max reps Front Squat
    • Level III: BW/75%
    • Level II: 75%/50%
    • Level I: 50%25%
  • then
  • Max Double Unders in 3 min


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