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Your Gut

Turns out that if you eat crap you get crappy bacteria in your belly. Your gut is your first line of defense for your immune system. A recent study found that the gut bacteria of children in western society is drastically different lending them to a great risk of developing allergies and become obese. “The problem is we eat too much cheap, convenient food because it’s our lifestyle and that can contribute to allergies,” Marianne Grant, a registered dietitian and health educator at Texas A&M Health Science Center. While our bodies might not have changed and the foods we should eat hasn’t changed we can effect our gut flora and this makes a large difference in our health. “Our bodies are still stuck in hunter/gatherer day. We’re supposed to be eating more fruits and vegetables and we should be doing a lot of physical activity to compensate,” added Grant. “I tell people that if you want fried chicken now, you go to the drive-through and get it. If you wanted fried chicken then, you had to hunt, find the chicken, kill it, bring it back, pluck its feathers, clean out the innards and cook it. And if you wanted it fried, you had to have ground your own flour.” Mario Ciani, D.C, chair, natural science, Mercy College. If you go thru all that trouble for some fried chicken I’d say you earned it! Check out the article @ msn.com

WOD: Monday

  • 1000m row
    • 10 push ups
  • 750m row
    • 20 push ups
  • 500m row
    • 40 push ups
  • 250m row
    • 60 push ups
  • Level III: Rx
  • Level II: knee push ups
  • Level I: start @ 750m & knee push ups

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