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This Isn’t Your Typical Gym

We don’t do “sets” and you won’t find a Lat Pull-down machine, you’ll see pull up bars. We do plenty to work your core and improve stability but we do it by teaching you how to move your body and not try do balance on some giant fancy colored beach ball.

We are “Forging Elite Fitness” – and “Your WorkOut is Our Warm up” and in order to live up to all the expectations we work you through movements that are challenging, efficient, powerful, & you get one heck of a workout!  Better than any treadmill can provide.

Lets take a look at a lift most of you are all familiar with: The Clean & Jerk. Go into any gym and start doing HEAVY C&J and you will be quickly escorted out. But why? Because it requires chalk, the occasional dropping of the bar (noise & metal plates) and coaching. Something most gyms trainers are not familiar with.

This lift is amazing though and when done correctly give you all the necessary strength and speed to improve your athleticism and ability to enjoy LIFE. Everyone does this so don’t be scared if it seems daunting. If you have ever had to get a box up above your head, your probably done some form of a clean and jerk. Learning to do it correctly can make sure that you don’t hurt your back when putting away the Christmas tree this year.

Weight lifting prevents injuries. I know your doctor told you don’t do it because you’ll hurt your knees and back. But the fact of the matter is that the strongest and safest back are those of power lifters and olympic lifters. Not people who sit at home all day watching tv. Knee injuries are caused mainly by people who don’t know what they are doing, use machines to lift weights around a joint, or non-use. If you are already injured we can work around it, just because your hurt doesn’t mean you don’t have to get strong too.

Our workouts are hard, but doable and they don’t take too long. In and out in 60 min or less and the time you’re working out is generally less then 20 min. Give it a try and in one month you’ll find yourself checking this site daily because you have now “Drank the Kool-Aid” and once that has happened there is no going back. CrossFit has grown to what it is not by chance, but because of the awesome community that is drawn to it, and because IT WORKS!

This is a Family here at FallOut CrossFit. We are a group that can’t help but show up and suffer together, challenge ourselves and cheer on others. This is a group dedicated to one common goal “To Change Lives One WorkOut at a Time”. Come check out our family August 23-28th for our FREE Open Gym Week.


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