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The Back Squat

Why is this lift so important? Does your gym know the importance of the back squat? This lift is one of the most important lifts for developing strength. Okay so just leg strength? NO…FULL body strength! From your little toes all the way to the top of your head when done correctly. This lift is not just for football players either your grandmother should be doing this lift no matter what the doctors tell you. This is the most fundamental body movement that a human can do. Do you get low enough in your squat? Or do you cheat so that you can say you squat more weight? You should be doing a weight that done correctly allows you to get into the bottom of the squat to develop the muscles necessary for a squat. Done correctly this lift is the best lift in the gym.


WOD: 50 Back Squats for time

Level IV: 225/135

Level III: 185/95

Level II: 135/65

Level I: 95/45

*If you drop the weight, rack, or missed rep, run +200m at end. Clock stops at end of run

WOD: 08/18/10

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