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“Just Show Up”

There is no secret to this program. It not some magical programming that I do that makes this work. The coaches here at FallOut CrossFit don’t have a formula to make the pounds melt away or muscle to pack on at will. It’s different that what most people do, that is true. What most people do at the gym is what is convenient and comfortable for them. The movements are easy and in one plane of motion. The running has been replaced with an elliptical so that it’s no low impact. And there are big rubber balls to balance on while doing your crunches. The one thing that is a must for this program to work, is “Just Show Up”. We can program all these work outs and they will all be intense. But, if no one is here to do them then it doesn’t matter. You have to work out if you want results. The key to success is consistency. That’s it, if there is a rule it is that you must show up weekly for your workouts. You must come in a learn how to do complicated lifts safely and effectively and then do them at light blazing speed to develop your peak elite fitness. Do this and you can’t fail the new gym cycle.

  1. Find a gym
  2. Think you will become CrossFit king in 2 days
  3. Become discourage when someone does more weight then you, stop coming in regularly
  4. Realize you like your couch more then your coach
  5. Ask if you can cancel your membership (no you can not)
  6. Come up with a list of excuses of why you don’t go to the gym
  7. Buy the Shake weight or similar product
  8. New years resolution all over again
  9. And Repeat!


WOD: Wednesday

WU: Bear Crawl length of gym + 5 burpees AMRAP 5 min

WOD: Couplet 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:

  • Deadlift
  • Push Ups

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