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It’s Getting Worse

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This just in….America is fatter then we were since the last CDC report in 2007. You can read the full report at the CDC website, or read this LA Times report for the cliff’s notes. There are 9 states in America that have obesity rates above 30%, and every state is 15% obese. Obesity was defined as BMI ≥30. Data was collected using a random phone survey were age, race, sex, height & weight data was collected. The overall estimated prevalence of obesity was 26.7%. This is up 1.1% from 2007 totaling an additional 2.4 million obese people in the population. There are more and more 2 year olds that are even obese in this country, and it’s not because they aren’t doing CrossFit people. I’ll say it again, “your weight is controlled by your diet”. You can’t burn off that McDonald’s like you would like too. What does all of this mean? It means that we are spending a whole lot of $$ to take care of these people and the health conditions as a result of obesity. In 2008 alone the estimated cost of obesity was $147 Billion! No that’s not a typo, BILLIONS! It’s a free country I know, but it’s expensive to take care of America now. This costs everyone, and even though the we are printing money like crazy we wont ever be able to keep up with these types of health care cost unless people start taking control of what they eat. We wont fix this with a health care bill or Medicare & Medicaid, it will start will the individual choosing to take care of themselves because they care about themselves.

WOD: Wednesday: Squats 15 min limit

  • Level III: 500
  • Level II: 400
  • Level I: 300

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