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Fight Gone Bad Fridays

Fight Gone Bad was developed in 2003. & was designed to match the time and domain of a UFC fight, while EXCEEDING its metabolic demands. It was developed for the LW UFC Champ BJ Penn! When BJ Penn did F.G.B. for the first time, he was put flat on his back & asked to compare the workout to a fight, he said it was like a “fight gone bad”. And there you have it, 3 rounds = Fight Gone Bad, 5 rounds = Championship FGB. The stations are each 1 min long, just enough time to reach the peak of your glycolytic pathway and not so long that stamina play a major role in this workout. Just when muscle endurance needs to play a role causing you to cramp and want to rest, your minute is up and on to the next exercise.


Here is your first Friday FGB submitted by Andrea, nice work!

WOD: Andrea’s FGB

  1. Thrusters
  2. Sumo Deadlift
  3. Lateral Burpees
  4. DB Push Press
  5. 25m sprints
  • Level III: 75/55, 135/95, 35/20
  • Level II: 55/35,  115/75, 20/12.5
  • Level I: 35/18, 95/65, 12.5/7.5

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