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First off let me say thanks to everyone that was rooting me on Sunday. I started my day before some people woke up and ended it as people were headed to bed. A little re-cap of Ironman CDA Sunday – 3:30am wakeup, 5:00am number marking, 6:35am Pro Start, 7:00am my fun began! Taking into consideration that I had never singlely ever had gone these distances prior to Sunday, I knew I was in for a doozey. Swim 2.4miles in 1:52 – This was the start of my day and what I though was going to be the hardest/taxing of the day, oh was I wrong. Coming out of the water I was headed out on the longest, toughest bike ride I had ever done. One racer informed my there were 42 hills on the course, not something I was thinking about while riding, it was one at a time for me. The first really bad hill was daunting and then reaching the top thinking I had made it to the top of the world, I looked up only to see a bigger, longer hill and thought, I might die today đŸ™‚ and that was only lap 1. I still had to do it all over again and only 4.5 hours to do what took me 4 hours to do the first lap! At mile 90 I had 1:37 min to go 22 more miles. Bike is not my strong suit and hills are even worse. I had only been averaging 13mph on the bike thus far, I knew it was going to be close. This is where all of my friends/family & CrossFitters (all of you!) helped my thru this. I had a constant chant of “You WILL do this” in my head and for the last  22 miles I put the hammer down and average 14.25mph to bring it home with 4 min to spare before the 5:30pm cutoff time. I knew I had done it by then, the run was brutal but accomplishable. And at 10:55:14pm only 15:55:14 into the race I crossed the finish line. A little comparison, Andy Potts the Pro Mens winner, time of 8:24! I was still on the bike when he finished! I admit I was ill prepared for this event and will be more prepared next year, but CrossFit training gave me the tools and the heart/mind to complete what was the longest journey I had ever taken. While this was hard, and different I think I’m still more scared of Fran then the Ironman. But with that said I won’t be doing this again for a year!

WOD: Friday

  • 1 mile run for time
    • 3 minute rest
  • 50 push ups
  • 100 sit ups
  • 50 push ups
    • 3 minute rest
  • 1 mile run for time

WOD: Monday – Chelsea

  • On the min every min complete one round of Cindy for 30 min
    • 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats
  • When you can’t keep up with clock, that’s your score, but continue with AMRAP until 30min is up
    • Level III: Rx
    • Level II/I: Knees & Bands


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