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Thanks to Janet for turning me on to this blog. And for anyone that is having a hard time transitioning to the Paleo diet, make sure you read this! “From Veggie to PaleoChick – A CrossFit Transformation. Eileen Schreiber” We are a couple weeks past our last Murph Challenge and to help keep up the motivation we are going to have a Paleo Challenge to help us slide in the Murph finals slimmer and in better shape. Many of us had our body fat tested, and this is going to be re-tested on August 9th for the finals. While working out is a excellent start to better health, the only way to loose those unwanted pounds is to focus on your diet with as much intensity as you do your workouts! So get your food logs out and get ready to eat your veggies. It’s time to get lean and mean. Here is a good way to break yourself into the Paleo lifestyle with out going the cold turkey route from the food you eat today. We will start week one on July 5th, I’ll give you all the 4th to enjoy!

  • Week 1: No sugar – no means no. Look at the label if sugar, evaporated can juice, dextrose, sucrose, corn syrup etc is on the label then it’s off limits. This includes artificial sweeteners & gum
  • Week 2: No Dairy – milk, yogurt, cheese, it’s utterly not allowed
  • Week 3: No Grains or Legumes – if you don’t know why, come to the next Paleo seminar!
  • Week 4: No Processed Foods – Time to do some serious cooking. Drive Thru is off limits already in week one so this week should be easy
  • Week 5: Sit Back and Enjoy the Paleo express to healthy living!
    • Oh and be ready because Murph will be right around the corner again!


  • 30 Body weight Back Squats
  • Run 1 mile
    • Level III: 100% BW BS
    • Level II: 75% BW BS
    • Level I: 50% BW BS


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