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Heavy Grace

Great work today every one, this is not a easy workout and definitely pushes everyone’s limits. Their is a lot of technique in the Clean and Jerk, some good raw strength is also a plus. The clean and jerk is a difficult movement, there is a lot going on with this lift and not one that the typical personal will dominate their first effort. This lift will take time to get good at, and even the best at it constantly work to get better. And that’s what we do here, you may never be the best C&J lifter but you will get better and be the best you can be. Take a listen to Sage Burgener as she talks about some of the points to keep in mind during the Clean and Jerk, and don’t do what the guy in the second video does, poor guy!


WOD: Heavy Grace

  • 30 Clean and Jerks for Time
    • Level III: 155/115
    • Level II: 135/95
    • Level I: <115/75


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